Black 2-Pack, 2-Layer Cloth Face Masks


2-pack Fashion Face Mask is made of 100% cotton material. It is a three-dimensional design, exquisite fabric, soft and not easily deformed, perfect fit and breathable. There is a nose clip to fit the nose so they fit the face very well in the nose area. This mask is soft elastic ear straps that make it super easy to wear and ensure long-lasting comfort.

This Re-usable Mask is breathable and comfortable. It is a very lightweight, fitted face cover. It is elastic, soft, and light, even if it is worn all day it will not cause earache. The mask sits close to the face and covers the nose and chin. This elastic earloop for proper fitting. It provides a perfect feel for all-day wear.


    • 2 layers - the inner layer is 100% cotton and outer, the printed layer is polyester
    • Comes in sealed plastic packaging
    • Machine washable 
    • One size fits most
    • Fitted for nose and chin
    • Elastic ear loops for proper fitting

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