B Dynamic Healthwear offers a wide selection of scrubs that are meticulously designed to help you look and feel dynamic, in and out of the workplace. The garments we source are made from fine materials and impressive details that will give you the comfort and confidence you need to enjoy your daily routine.

From the moment you browse our stylish offerings, you’ll find that they stand out from other options you may have tried or owned in the past. They are the epitome of dynamic and offer the experience you need to perform at your highest level.

Our History

B Dynamic Healthwear was founded during the 2020 pandemic by Rochelle Burton, a fashion-loving nurse. Ever since she began her nursing career, she developed a true passion for finding fashionable yet functional scrubs.
Scrubs that give her the chance to express her style and personality while allowing her to provide her patients with the very best care. Rochelle is thrilled to bring these types of scrubs to professionals across the country.

Our Mission

To provide innovative, medical-grade scrubs that bring energy, comfort, and life to the workplace.

Our Vision

To serve healthcare professionals with fashionable, functional, and comfortable clothing that creates a sense of authority and offers a dynamic experience.