Headband w/Side Buttons (8016)

Wild & Bright Band made of quality breathable fabric, the headband with buttons touch soft and wear comfortable, releasing your ears by attaching the straps of the face cover to the buttons, great for both short and long hair, various colors are enough to match your different outfits.

The Button Headband creates a proper fit on the head so that the headband will not easily slip down your head like other fabrics, stretchy but not too tight, providing you with a comfortable fit and suitable for most occasions, thanks to its simple but stylish look, the hairband with buttons can be worn on most occasions like shopping, doing sports, traveling, helping to free your ears from pain and pressure


  • Criss-cross banded v-neck
  • Short sleeves with “Ava Therese” logo label
  • Headband located w/ accessories

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