Cafe Donut Face Mask Lanyard Hanging Strep


Cafe Donut  Mask Hanging Strep in a solid black color. Our mask lanyards are 3/8" wide and made from soft polyester ribbons. One size fits all; strap is adjustable to fit kids or adults. Metal clips make it easy to attach to the elastic bands on a face mask. Reduce the risk of losing your mask and keep it safe from touching dirty surfaces by wearing it around your neck. Makes an amazing accessory for kids so they won't lose their mask!

Face masks are meant to protect us from pollutants. The last thing we'd want is to get it dirty in between uses! This Lanyard Mask Hanging Strep keeps your mask around your neck so it won't get lost or fall on the ground. The mask necklace holder can be easily adjusted to an optimal length for its user. This multicolored set can be shared with your entire family for everyday use.


  • Adjustable, from 14"-26" in length
  • Comfortable polyester ribbon
  • Metal clips to grasp mask elastic
  • Help keep masks from getting dirty or lost

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